Driver Profile

Driver Profile

To get started we need some information about you.

There's a lot to complete due to the complexity of the calculations, but don't worry if you haven't got all the details now.

Just use our sample figures to get you started then come back and change them later, but you will need some basic information such as tax and national insurance rates and annual business mileage.

We won't keep any data you provide - close your browser and the data will be erased from our servers (but your browser may keep data for longer and this is beyond our control).

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About You:


What's your annual business mileage?

miles p.a.

Do you get free fuel for private motoring?

How much to you usually pay for fuel? (pence per litre)

Petrol p.p.l.

Diesel p.p.l.

L.P.G. p.p.l.


Are you a tax resident of Scotland?

What's your highest tax rate?

Are your earnings more than the employee's National Insurance Contributions limit for 2023/2024 tax year (£50,270)?

What's your National Insurance Contributions rate for 2023/2024 tax year?


How much do you pay as a private use contribution for your company car?
(Leave as '0' if nothing)

£  per month

How much do you pay as a capital contribution for your company car?
(Leave as '0' if nothing)

£  in total

What will be your annual motor insurance premium for your own car?
(Use our default value if you don't know yet)

£  p.a.


How much will you receive as a monthly cash allowance before tax/NIC?
Don't know?
Click here for our PaySwap allowance calculator

£  per month

For business mileage we will assume that you are paid the 'Fuel Only' HMRC approved rate of mileage allowance

If your employer will pay something different then use our PaySwaptm allowance calculator


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